Capricorn Beach is a unique coastal community surrounded by pristine white beaches, beautiful parks with mature shady trees, and fully established amenities such as schools, shops, cafes, restaurants and recreational facilities. Campground Adventure Park is a 2.4 hectare centerpiece parkland with adventure play equipment and family picnic areas.

They say buying land and building a home is one of the most important life and financial decisions you will ever make. The first step in the journey should be deciding where you want to live. Over time a house loses value, while land value goes up, so where that land is located can make a big difference to your lifestyle, future wealth, security and happiness.

Getting it right is called making a ‘Smarter Land Buy’.

Dig a little deeper you’ll discover that Capricorn Beach in Yanchep is a Smarter land Buy…


Capricorn Yanchep


Perth, WA

Type of Property Project

Land Subdivision

Dig a little deeper and discover…

Perth’s most desirable coastal community